Alliance Emerges Victorious in Unforgettable LAN Grand Finale

The Final Match 2017: A Major Dota 2 LAN in South America

Last weekend, the Dota 2 community witnessed an exciting event in South America with The Final Match 2017 becoming the first major international Dota 2 LAN in the region. It was truly a memorable occasion!

The Final Match and the Mars Dota 2 League (MDL) showcased the diversity of the game’s professional scene. While MDL featured well-established teams and was flawlessly executed, The Final Match faced delays and technical issues. However, these setbacks didn’t overshadow the intense Dota 2 matches witnessed by fans.

Despite the challenges encountered at The Final Match, the quality of the games outweighed any shortcomings. This highlights the fact that production value doesn’t define the appeal of Dota 2; it’s all about watching skilled players in action.

A Deserving LAN for South America

This tournament was especially significant for the South American teams who finally had the opportunity to compete on a LAN stage instead of online qualifiers. The presence of Freddy “SmasH” Sina, who had previously faced a Valve ban for match-fixing, added to the excitement of the event.

While South American Dota 2 teams still have room for improvement, the tournament featured two European rosters, Team Spirit and Alliance, who secured top spots. This indicates that South American Dota 2 still has some catching up to do in terms of skill level. However, the event didn’t disappoint, delivering thrilling games throughout.

Alliance Emerges as the Victors

Alliance emerged as the winners of The Final Match 2017, marking their first LAN victory in eighteen months. Despite the team’s upcoming disbandment due to their failure to qualify for The International 7, this win was a significant accomplishment for Alliance. They can hold their heads high.

The Final Match 2017 may not have been the tournament of the year, but it reminded everyone why Dota 2 is so great—because of the game itself. The Dota 2 community can look forward to more exciting events in the future.

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