Alliance and three other teams ousted from The Chongqing Major

Results of the Lower Bracket in The Chongqing Major

In the first round of The Chongqing Major’s lower bracket, eight teams battled it out for a spot in the next round. Only four teams would move forward in the event. Unlike previous series, these matches were single-elimination, meaning the teams had to fight for their tournament lives without the safety net of a best-of-three format.

Alliance vs. Chaos Esports Club

Alliance entered the match as the stronger team, having won three games in their group compared to Chaos’ single victory. However, Chaos took control of the game, leaving Alliance rattled. Despite Alliance’s defensive strategy, Chaos held onto their lead and secured a spot in the next round.

The Pango vs. Thunder Predator

In another upset, The Pango, who performed well in a competitive group, was defeated by Thunder Predator. Although The Pango defended their structures and fought back, Thunder Predator’s offensive strength proved too much. As a result, The Pango was eliminated from the competition.

Forward Gaming vs. J Storm

J Storm initially struggled against Forward Gaming but eventually found their footing, leading to an intense battle. The match lasted 70 minutes, making it the longest of the event. J Storm fought back from a disadvantaged position and, despite Forward’s efforts, secured their victory.

TNC Predator vs. Team Aster

TNC Predator dominated the match against Team Aster, who could only defend and lacked a proper offensive counterattack. Although TNC made a few errors, allowing Aster to potentially turn the tide, TNC quickly recovered. Aster’s hesitance to take risks ultimately cost them the match.

With Chaos, Thunder Predator, J Storm, and TNC Predator advancing, all subsequent matches will be best of three until the Grand Finals. The next match between Vici Gaming and Chaos will resume on Jan. 22 at 8pm CT.

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