All Pal Partner abilities in Palworld and how to obtain them

All PAL Partner Abilities in Palworld and How to Get Them

Palworld is an exciting new game that combines elements of Pokémon and survival sandbox games. In Palworld, players can become Pal Partners with various creatures known as PALs, each with their own unique abilities. These abilities can greatly enhance gameplay and provide advantages in combat and exploration. In this article, we will explore all the PAL Partner abilities in Palworld and explain how to obtain them.

Flame Burst

One of the powerful abilities that PAL Partners can possess is Flame Burst. This ability allows the PAL to release a burst of fiery projectiles, damaging enemies in a small area. To acquire Flame Burst, players must find a PAL that naturally has this ability or breed PALs with the Flame Burst gene. Once obtained, the Flame Burst ability can be activated during battles to deal significant damage to opponents.

Electric Shock

Another exciting ability is Electric Shock, which allows the PAL to unleash an electric shockwave, stunning nearby enemies. To obtain this ability, players can either search for a PAL that naturally possesses Electric Shock or selectively breed PALs until they develop the Electric Shock gene. When activated, this ability can provide a tactical advantage by immobilizing foes and creating opportunities for attack or escape.

Poison Spikes

PAL Partners with Poison Spikes have the ability to release toxic spikes on the ground, poisoning enemies upon contact. To acquire this ability, players have two options: find a PAL with Poison Spikes or breed PALs until they inherit the Poison Spikes gene. This ability can be highly effective in battle, slowly chipping away at the health of opponents and weakening them over time.


Stealth is a unique ability that allows PAL Partners to temporarily become invisible, making it harder for enemies to detect them. While in Stealth mode, PALs can navigate through dangerous areas or approach foes unseen. Players can obtain the Stealth ability by finding a PAL that naturally possesses it or breeding PALs until they inherit the Stealth gene. This ability provides a strategic advantage by allowing players to plan surprise attacks or avoid confrontations altogether.

In conclusion, PAL Partner abilities play a crucial role in Palworld, offering exciting gameplay possibilities and strategic advantages. By understanding how to obtain these abilities, players can create a formidable team of PAL Partners and experience the full potential of Palworld. So, go out there, collect PALs, and unleash their unique abilities in your quest for survival and dominance!

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