All Locations of Castaway Journals and Diaries in Palworld

All Castaway Journal and Diary Locations in Palworld

If you’re an avid Palworld player, you know just how important the castaway journals and diaries are. These valuable collectibles provide insights into the game’s lore and can even unlock special in-game rewards. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of all castaway journals and diaries, making your quest for completion a breeze!

1. Paradise Island

The first location to keep an eye out for is Paradise Island. Nestled in the southwest corner of the map, you’ll find a small cave hidden amidst the lush jungle. Inside, you’ll discover the very first castaway journal, filled with fascinating tales of survival and discovery.


2. Sunset Beach

Your adventure continues at Sunset Beach, the perfect spot to relax and catch some rays. Look for a broken wooden boat near the water’s edge. Investigate the wreckage to stumble upon a diary belonging to a castaway who met an unfortunate fate. Don’t forget to scavenge the area for any useful loot as well!


3. Misty Highlands

The Misty Highlands is home to breathtaking landscapes and hidden treasures. Explore the northern side of the map until you spot a dilapidated cabin. Within its decaying walls, you’ll uncover a personal journal crafted by a castaway longing for rescue. Take a moment to appreciate the surrounding scenery before continuing your journey.


4. Forgotten Ruins

The final collection spot takes us deep into the ancient Forgotten Ruins. Navigate through the maze-like corridors until you reach the central chamber. In an alcove, hidden among the rubble, a diary awaits. Unlock its secrets to understand the intricate history of this mystical realm.


By visiting these locations and acquiring all the castaway journals and diaries in Palworld, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the game’s narrative and earn valuable rewards. So grab your trusty Pal and embark on this exciting quest today!

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