Akali’s Initial Perception: Slightly Underpowered with an Immense Learning Curve

The new and improved Rogue Assassin, Akali, was introduced with the latest patch for League of Legends, and her popularity has skyrocketed since then. This is a common trend whenever a champion receives a major update. Akali has quickly become the fourth most popular champion in the mid lane. However, despite her increasing popularity, her winrate is currently at a disappointing 39%. This suggests that she may have been undertuned. Even though we don’t think she’s completely weak, she is definitely weaker than other assassins in the game right now. With upcoming nerfs to assassin runes, she might become even weaker. Akali has a steep learning curve, which makes it challenging for both players who want to pick her and those who play against her. If you plan on playing Akali, we recommend sticking to normal games until the balance team addresses her performance. The stats speak for themselves – the odds of winning with her are not in your favor.

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