AF’s Mystic achieves a pentakill in opening LCK Summer Split match

The LCK Summer Split Returns with an Explosive Start

The highly anticipated 2020 LCK Summer Split is finally here, and it did not disappoint.

The first match pitted Sandbox Gaming against Afreeca Freecs, with the spotlight on the top laners. However, it was AF’s bottom laner, Jin “Mystic” Seong-jun, who stole the show and showcased his dominance in League of Legends.

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Using the powerful champion Aphelios, Mystic turned the tide of battle in his team’s favor by securing a pentakill. He strategically utilized Aphelios’s kit along with the Hurricane item, which allowed him to deal damage to multiple enemies simultaneously.

Aphelios has faced criticism from the League community due to his overwhelming strength. In fact, LEC’s Innaxe from S04 also achieved a one-vs-four victory with Aphelios this weekend.

To address the balance issue, Riot Games will be nerfing Aphelios’s ultimate ability in the next patch, bringing him more in line with other ADC champions.

This is the third pentakill of Mystic’s professional career, with his first two coming in previous splits.

The return of the LCK brought back the thrill of competition, although the games were held without a live audience. The league released an epic video to commemorate the beginning of the split, showcasing the excitement that lies ahead.

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