Afreeca Freecs eliminate Gen.G from LCK playoffs in a dominant win

Afreeca Freecs Dominates Gen.G in LCK Playoffs

Afreeca Freecs secured an impressive 2-0 victory against Gen.G today, advancing to the second round of the LCK playoffs.

Throughout the summer, Gen.G has maintained a stagnant playstyle. Their strategy involves selecting champions with decent scaling, focusing on farming and vision instead of ganks, and relying on superior macro play and teamfighting in the mid-to-late game for victory.

Although this playstyle proved effective for Gen.G during the regular season, it was countered by Afreeca today. Afreeca prepared two early-game compositions that disrupted Gen.G’s slow approach.

In the first game, Afreeca surprised everyone with a Quinn top lane and an Olaf in the jungle. Afreeca’s top laner, Kim “Kiin” Gi-in, dominated Lee “CuVee” Seong-jin’s Jarvan IV, allowing him to assist Olaf in multiple jungle invades. With Gen.G’s hard-scaling composition, Afreeca’s carries had uncontested farm, leading to a significant gold and objective advantage for Afreeca.

game one clip

Despite Gen.G’s defensive skills, the world champions managed one incredible teamfight win with Ruler’s fully scaled Sivir. Nevertheless, Afreeca quickly respawned and ended the game.

game two clip

Kramer, the ADC for Afreeca Freecs, was the standout performer of the match. Playing Swain in both games, Kramer shut down Gen.G’s bot lane duo. Game two showcased Kramer’s mastery of Swain, as he consistently landed roots on Gen.G’s players.

Afreeca used Kramer’s accuracy with Swain’s Nevermove ability to initiate their wombo-combo composition with Alistar and Yasuo, resulting in a significant gold lead. Unlike their first encounter, Gen.G failed to mount a miraculous comeback teamfight, and Afreeca secured a clean victory.

With their victory over Gen.G, Afreeca Freecs will now face KINGZONE DragonX in the next round of the LCK playoffs. This matchup is a rematch of the Spring Split finals and is scheduled for August 15th.

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