Advancements in Western League of Legends: Calitrlolz8 & Fenix leading the way

Fenix and Calitrlolz: Innovators in Professional League of Legends

When we think of innovators in professional League of Legends, we usually think of flashy moves or new picks. Players like MadLife and inSec come to mind. However, this week, two players in the NALCS showed us a different kind of innovation: Fenix and Calitrlolz8.

Calitrlolz8’s Subtle Innovation

Calitrlolz8’s innovation was more subtle and centered around shotcalling. In a match-up between Gnar and Irelia, Gnar should win because of his range and trading potential when in Mega-Gnar form. Calitrlolz8 decided to fake a laneswap to get an early lead against Dyrus’ Gnar. This decision was made at the start of the game when Team 8 opted for a double jungle on the red side. They gave the red buff to Calitrlolz8 and the blue buff to Porpoise, ensuring that Calitrlolz8 had enough damage to execute a dive on Dyrus. This unique strategy showcased Calitrlolz8’s creativity as the shotcaller for Team 8.

Fenix’s Aggressive Azir Plays

Fenix, on the other hand, showcased innovation in his gameplay as Azir. Unlike other Azir players, Fenix was not afraid to go in aggressively and make plays. He used his Shifting Sands ability to engage and secure kills, even at the cost of his own life. This style of play worked out for Fenix and Team Liquid, as it forced the enemy team to back off and regroup. Fenix also utilized his Sun Disk in an offensive manner, using it to chunk down an enemy champion and set up kills for himself. If Fenix continues to play like this, his Azir may become a must-ban champion.

Keeping an Eye on Innovation

As we watch professional League of Legends matches, it’s important to keep an eye out for innovative plays and strategies. Even subtle changes like Calitrlolz8’s laneswap or Fenix’s aggressive Azir plays have the potential to change the meta and how we enjoy the game.

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