AdInMo and Kwalee Elevate the Future of In-Game Advertising

AdInMo and Kwalee Team Up to Revolutionize In-Game Ads

AdInMo, the platform that brings in-game ads to mobile games in a way that players love, has partnered with global mobile game publisher and developer, Kwalee, to expand its already impressive 1 billion game downloads.

AdInMo’s adtech powers hybrid monetization, generating incremental revenue for Tow N Go through immersive in-game ads. Kwalee has integrated AdInMo’s SDK in their popular simulation game, enabling in-game cross-promotion.

This new CrossPromo feature encourages Tow N Go players to discover and enjoy other Kwalee games, keeping them engaged within Kwalee’s gaming ecosystem.

InGamePlay ad placements in Tow N Go seamlessly blend into the game’s environment, appearing as roadside billboards, posters, and building ads. Thanks to AdInMo’s cutting-edge technology, these ads fluidly integrate into the game design without disrupting gameplay.

With over 1 billion downloads and 30 million active monthly players worldwide, it was a strategic move for Kwalee to partner with AdInMo. This integration offers Kwalee the opportunity to maximize in-game revenue for their high-quality games.

Lewis Horgan, AdInMo’s Head of Supply, said, “We increase monetization, retention, and acquisition opportunities for publishers while ensuring an interruption-free and enjoyable gameplay experience for players. The simulated real-world environment of Tow N Go is perfect for immersive in-game ads, and through our SDK’s CrossPromo feature, Kwalee can raise awareness of their other excellent games.”

William Cox, Kwalee’s Head of Publishing, commented, “Collaborating with AdInMo has taken in-game advertising to a new level for Kwalee. This integration amplifies our monetization capabilities and enhances the user experience. The seamless blend of InGamePlay ads into the Tow N Go environment exemplifies the evolution of advertising in mobile gaming. It merges creativity and technology to keep players engaged while achieving our mission of reaching and entertaining all mobile players worldwide.”

You can download Tow N Go from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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