5 important lessons from week 5 of the 2021 LCS Spring Split

In week five of the 2021 LCS Spring Split, North American League of Legends fans witnessed some exciting matches. Here are five key takeaways from this weekend’s action and what they could mean for the teams, players, and champions going forward.

1) Damonte’s Bench Decision

100 Thieves’ decision to bench Damonte on March 5 was in vain. Despite his low damage output, Damonte participated in 73% of the team’s kills, the highest among mid laners in the LCS. Replacing him with Ryoma was a brash decision, as losses this weekend came down to weaknesses beyond the mid lane.

2) C9’s Poor Performances

After a dominating performance against FlyQuest, Cloud9 lost to TSM and Team Liquid, recording their worst weekend yet in 2021. While they have looked like the strongest team, their recent performances raise concerns, especially with Perkz’s disappointing play.

3) Dignitas’ Success without Imports

Dignitas has performed well this season despite not relying on imports. Wins against EG, Golden Guardians, and TSM have positioned the team in second place. Aphromoo and Neo’s combined efforts as support and ADC have contributed significantly to their success.

4) CLG and Golden Guardians’ MSI Hopes

CLG’s miracle run ended in week five, making it statistically impossible for them to qualify for the playoffs. Similarly, Golden Guardians’ 2-13 record leaves little hope in their pursuit of climbing the table. Both teams need major changes to have a chance at success.

5) Everfrost’s Impact on Mid Lane Meta

Buffs to Everfrost in League Patch 11.4 have led to its increased popularity in the LCS, bringing new champions into contention. Syndra, Viktor, Seraphine, and Sylas have all seen play thanks to the item’s power and affordability.

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