2021 Spring Split Week 7 Power Rankings for LEC

The LEC is close to completion. Only two teams have secured playoff spots heading into the final week of the 2021 Spring Split, and playoff spots are still up for grabs. 

Over half the league still has a chance at securing a playoff spot this weekend. While G2 Esports and Rogue are the top contenders, every other team in Europe is fighting for a chance to challenge them for the throne. 

This week, each team in the LEC will play three games instead of the usual two. With the league shifting to a “super week” format to close out the Spring Split, League of Legends fans should expect an exciting ride.

LEC Power Rankings

Rank Team Rank change
1) G2 Esports
2) Rogue
3) Fnatic
4) MAD Lions
5) SK Gaming
6) Schalke 04 +1
7) Misfits +1
8) Excel Esports -2
9) Team Vitality +1
10) Astralis -1

Excel Esports, Team Vitality, Astralis: End of the Line

The bottom three teams—Excel Esports, Team Vitality, and Astralis—have had a disappointing split. Vitality and Astralis’ roster changes in the offseason were met with skepticism, and Excel Esports has struggled to make the playoffs in the past. Excel needs to reflect on their performance and make changes in the offseason to improve.

Astralis looked somewhat better after making a roster change, but they still need to improve. Vitality has struggled due to having a young and inexperienced roster. Both teams need to step up their performance to compete against stronger teams in the league.

SK Gaming, Schalke 04, Misfits: Two out of three

One of these teams will miss the playoffs. Misfits have shown recent improvement, winning three out of four matches. Schalke 04, despite their miracle run last year, have struggled and face tough opponents in Fnatic, Vitality, and Excel this week. SK Gaming stumbled last weekend but still deserves a playoff spot. A 1-2 performance should be enough for them to secure a spot.

Rogue, Fnatic, MAD Lions: High-end contenders

Rogue has been a genuine challenger to G2’s throne this season, with strong stats and a close match against G2. Fnatic and MAD Lions have shown potential but lack consistency. Elyoya has been a standout player for MAD Lions, while Upset has performed well for Fnatic. These teams have the firepower for a deep playoff run but need to find more consistency.

G2 Esports: An obvious favorite

G2 Esports is the clear frontrunner, with a comfortable spot at the top of the standings. They have dominated their matches against Rogue, essentially securing the top seed for the playoffs. With a record of 13-2, G2 could potentially surpass their record from last spring. They have a strong lineup and are expected to perform well in the playoffs.

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