2020 Summer Split of LCK commences with thrilling animated hype video

The LCK Summer Split Kicks Off with Exciting Hype Video

Due to the cancellation of MSI this year, fans of Korean League of Legends had to wait longer to see their favorite teams in action. But the LCK made sure to generate excitement with an epic hype video.

The video took fans into an animated world where the league’s top stars battled it out. Among the players, Faker, considered the best player in League history, rose from his throne to join the fight, bringing the video to an epic conclusion.

The Road to Worlds 2020: LCK Summer Split

In the finals of the LCK Spring Playoffs, T1 emerged victorious over Gen.G on April 25, making them the expected representatives at MSI. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Riot Games canceled the event on April 23, leaving fans disappointed.

Like other regional leagues, LCK shifted to an online-only format to ensure the safety of players, coaches, and staff. Matches were postponed for several weeks before resuming to complete the spring split.

Fighting for a Spot at Worlds 2020

Riot Games still plans to host Worlds 2020 in China, and the LCK teams will be vying for their chance to participate in the biggest tournament of the year. The summer playoffs champion will receive an automatic invitation, while the teams ranking between second and fifth will earn Championship Points.

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Get Ready for the LCK Summer Split

The first match of the LCK Summer Split features Afreeca Freecs and SANDBOX Gaming.

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